Do They Really Know What They’re Protesting?

I was in Ukiah, California yesterday.  It was a lunch stop off on the way home from a beautiful weekend on the Mendocino coast.  As we parked the car, I noticed that, like a lot of small towns this time of year, they were having a pumpkin festival complete with bounce houses and very happy children running around everywhere.  Then, as I crossed the street, they caught my eye.  Protesters, walking back and forth angrily carrying their signs.  I guess it was the “occupy Ukiah” crowd.  As I read their signs, I was very confused.  “Jobs not guns” and  “Who is the DEA”, were two of my personal favorites.  I couldn’t tell if the “jobs not guns” lady was for more gun control or she was somehow trying to convince the government that they should start a program where if you turn in a gun, they give you a job for life….maybe in the DEA!  The second lady, I’m quite sure, was for unlimited access to whatever her little heart desired.

My point here is that many times these people don’t really have any idea what they’re unhappy with.  It just makes them feel good to get their signs and their sharpies out and march for whatever cause is popular that day.  It’s their purpose in life to save us all by carrying signs and chanting anti-establishment, anti-American rants while cashing their government checks every month.  Oh yes, they’re the first in line to get food stamps and welfare and WIC and whatever other freebies that they’re “entitled” to.  This, “the world owes me something” attitude really bothers me.  The world doesn’t owe us anything.  Nor do the people who have worked their butts off to make a great life for themselves.  They don’t owe you anything either.

I was taught at a young age that I could have anything I wanted in life if I was willing to work for it.  With all our problems, we still live in the greatest nation on the face of the earth.  Why do you think so many people are willing to risk everything to get here?  However, there are many in this country who are trying to turn it into the biggest nanny state in history.  I, for one, have had enough!  Drop your signs and your chants and go out and get a J. O. B..  McDonald’s is always hiring, and don’t think of yourself as too good for that.  None of us are, including myself.  And if that’s what it took to make sure that my family had food on the table, I’d be the first in line for that job.  Quit protesting the very people who employ you.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve never worked for a poor person in my life.  People with money are not all inherently bad.  In fact, most are really good people who have worked their tails off to get where they are.  Some of them may have even worked for McDonald’s.